Tuition & Financial Aid

We know that paying for private education can be a big expense.

OBA provides need-based financial aid to qualified families. 

Discounts are also available for families with multiple children at OBA, and for children of pastors and teachers.

If you have any questions about the cost of OBA, financial aid, or the application process, please reach out to a member of our admin team at

Financial Aid Estimates Based on Household Income

2023-24 TUITION & FEES


  • Middle School $7,500
  • High School $8,300

Monthly Payment (August – May)

  • Middle School – $750
  • High School – $830


  • Application Fee for new students – $125
  • Re-Enrollment Fee for current students – $125
  • Middle School Retreat – $30
  • 10th Grade Retreat – $200
  • Family Booster Membership (optional) – $275
  • Individual Booster Membership (optional) – $150
  • Lunch (optional) – $735 annually; $5 per day

Family Discount for multiple students at OBA is available.

Pastor Discount for children of full-time pastors is available.

Discovery Program and Learning Program are available to provide capable students with needed academic assistance. There is a fee associated with both programs.

Financial Aid

OBA offers a number of discounts and aid packages to families. In addition to need-based aid that families may qualify based on income and number of students attending, every single OBA student receives a $1,500 OBA Way grant. The listed tuition amounts reflect this discount.

Paying tuition for middle school and high school is a big commitment.  OBA does not award any athletic or academic merit scholarships. The amount of tuition assistance awarded is based on a family’s need and available funding.

OBA has partnered with the Oklahoma Scholarship Fund to help provide assistance for families. Donors make contributions to our school account with this fund. We then use the donated amount for tuition scholarships. In addition, Oklahoma Bible Academy has an established tuition assistance endowment. You may apply for the upcoming year’s tuition assistance any time after the first of the year.  Applications and the additional required documents are to be submitted to OBA no later than May 1. Applications must be accompanied by the previous year’s completed income tax return and other requested documentation.

You must complete the application process, before you start the financial aid process. Click here to apply.

Once you’ve applied for enrollment, you can apply for tuition assistance by following the Financial link from your Family Portal, and clicking on “Apply for grant and aid.”

Families just like yours attend OBA each year.  Why not yours?

School leadership prioritizes resources to keep OBA accessible to a variety of Families in Northwest Oklahoma.

Here are some options to keep OBA afforable:

1.  Sign up for Zero Financing Fees 10 Month Payment Plan

2.  Family Tuition Waivers

The second child receives a $500 tuition waiver, and the third child receives a $1,000 tuition waiver. The family tuition waiver continues in $500 increments for additional children.

OBA also offers tuition discounts for children of pastors.

3.   Apply for Need Based Tuition Assistance

Oklahoma Bible partners with FACTS, a third-party source, to evaluate all financial aid requests. This is yet another opportunity to receive financial assistance.

To apply for FACTS financial aid, click here. You will need to submit your Federal Form 1040 income tax return, W-2 forms, and supporting documentation for non-taxable income.  OBA does not offer scholarships for academic, athletic or artistic merit, tuition loans or full tuition awards.

Questions? Call 242-4104 Forms are due April 1.

4. Utilize College 529 Educational Savings Funds

Assistance award information will be sent in June.

Tuition assistance is committed to an applicant on an annual basis, requiring re-application in subsequent years. Tuition assistance is awarded in a confidential process.

For new students, tuition assistance is not reviewed until after the student has gone through the application process and has been accepted.

For current students, tuition assistance is not reviewed until the student has completed the enrollment process for the upcoming year.

Applications received after May 1 may qualify for tuition assistance if there are still funds available.

Tuition Assistance Process

The Admissions process and the Tuition Assistance process are completely independent of one another. Admittance to OBA is determined without regard to a family’s application for Tuition Assistance. The Tuition Assistance Committee only reviews financial aid requests after a decision has been made to admit the student to the school.

  1. Applications are filled out digitally online. 
  2. A payment to the application review agency is due with each FACTS application.
  3. Only one application per family is necessary. 
  4. An application must be completed annually using the current year’s income and family size criteria.
  5. Tuition assistance deadline for current students is May 1.
  6. The FACTS agency will make a recommendation to the school about each applicant.
  7. The headmaster and board committee will make a decision about tuition assistance based on the agencies recommendation and based upon available funds. 
  8. School personnel will notify families in a timely manner as to the decision about their request for tuition assistance.
  9. The tuition assistance discount will be applied to a student’s account in August, but OBA reserves the right to remove the discount if the account does not stay in current status.
  10. Families who qualify to receive Tuition Assistance are required to be on a monthly automatic withdrawal tuition payment plan if they are not paying the account in full or by semester. 
  11. Oklahoma Bible Academy maintains a non-discriminatory policy in all programs, including the tuition assistance program.
  12. Information provided on the application is used only in qualification determination and will not be shared with any other person or organization.
  13. If a family considers the Tuition Assistance award received to be insufficient to secure final enrollment at OBA, they will be released from their Enrollment Agreement and their deposit fully refunded.