Board of Directors

2021-22 OBA School Board of Directors

Kyle Lillie

Hallie Caldwell

Laura Lang

David Minx

Gregg Ratzlaff

Stephen O’Neill

Jon Redelsperger

Stephanie Slaving

Marsha Scott

Marlin Esau

The governing board of Oklahoma Bible Academy is responsible for ensuring a legacy of biblical learning, scholarship, and an understanding of God’s purpose at OBA.

As fiduciaries accountable for the stakeholders of OBA,  the board hires and works with the headmaster.

Additionally, the board establishes and periodically reviews policies that help the school fulfill its mission.

To accomplish these goals, the board works to:

  • Establish, promote, and protect the OBA mission.
  • Recruit, appoint, support, and evaluate the headmaster to lead the institution.
  • Charge the headmaster with the task of leading a visionary process, participate in that process, support and monitor its progress.
  • Ensure OBA’s fiscal integrity, preserve and protect its assets for posterity, and engage directly in the financial support of OBA.
  • Ensure the educational quality of institution and its academic programs.
  • Preserve and protect religious autonomy and academic freedom.
  • Ensure that OBA policies and processes are current and properly implemented.
  • Conduct the board’s business in an exemplary fashion and with appropriate transparency, adhering to the highest ethical standards.
  • Ensure the currency of board governance policies and practices.

Current Strategic Initiatives of the OBA Board:


Above all, the OBA board serves to protect the mission of the school:  “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.”  Therefore, it protects key assets, namely the community of Christian families and culture that upholds the Lordship of Jesus Christ, as taught by the Bible. 



The board is working to find ways to keep tuition costs down (relative affordability) and continuing to provide academic excellence and a variety of extra-curricular activities.  As tuition costs rise many Christian families are challenged by yearly tuition rates;  this strain on families is of great concern. Therefore, means to increase tuition assistance and also raise funds to pay for quality programs is a board priority.



The OBA Board is currently evaluating the costs to maintain facilities.  A number of campus items have been upgraded or added over the past four years.  A priority has been placed on addressing issues with the roof of the main building.  The building committee and finance committee are working to resolve this concern. Sustaining the building and grounds in a way that  benefits both teachers and students is a critical component for board evaluation and action.



The OBA Board is committed to developing support for the school and practicing sound stewardship. The board seeks ways to tell the Enid community, and surrounding areas, about Christian education opportunity at OBA.  The board promotes annual giving and ongoing support in order to fund excellence and provide tuition assistance. The board also provides ways for supporters of Christian education to include OBA in long range giving (such as wills, trust, and estates).



The board is continuing to establish procedures to enhance teacher development and enhance the quality of instruction.  Additionally, it supports the headmaster in efforts to develop and implement a plan  to support professional teachers who are wholly devoted to Jesus Christ, have a desire to foster spiritual health with the faculty, and strive to enhance teacher / parent relationships. 



The board desires to increase the efficacy of board committees while creating clarity regarding the work of  board committees.  Goal:  Evaluate the needs of the school in response to administrative needs,  create job descriptions, and process for committee work.