Welcome to OBA!

Dear Prospective Family,

We are excited that you are considering partnering with OBA for your child’s education. We know that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions your family will make.

OBA seeks to educate the whole child, delivering a rigorous academic curriculum in an intentionally and uniquely Christian setting. We believe that education not only involves imparting knowledge, but building character.

At OBA, we challenge our students to work hard as they develop knowledge, skills, and critical thinking. At the same time, scholastic preparation is not our whole story. We also embrace the opportunity to offer students a Christian education. Our faculty and staff are all committed to helping students understand and live out the Gospel message.

I invite you to come and see OBA first-hand and talk to the parents, students, and faculty who make up our school. Thank you for your interest, and may God bless you.

Andy Wilkins
OBA Headmaster

The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart


Oklahoma Bible Academy is a middle and secondary school (grades 6-12) whose purpose is to integrate God’s Word into every aspect of life and learning in order to present a biblical worldview to each student, and equip them for God’s purpose for their life.


Oklahoma Bible Academy’s mission is to equip students to glorify God by engaging the world.

Christian Education for NW Oklahoma

At Oklahoma Bible Academy, faith informs everything that we do.

A course on the Bible is a core component of each grade’s curriculum. Additionally, students participate in chapel twice each week. Outside of school, students are expected to active in a church community, and are required to complete volunteer service hours in the community each year as part of their Bible class coursework.

Doctrinal Statement

OBA views itself as an influential part of the three major forces of the life of each child – the home, the church, and the school. OBA intends to be a partner with the home. It intends to be cooperative with the churches represented among the student body, supportive of activities and programs, and of those positions of the churches on doctrinal issues within the community of historic Christian Orthodoxy.

The Board of Directors and Staff of OBA agree to and adhere to the following core doctrines. At least one parent must be a professing Christian and be in agreement with OBA’s core doctrines.

Parents will be asked to sign the application form, which includes the Core Doctrines. Parent signature denotes parental support of the Core Doctrines.

OBA affirms these 8 core doctrines:

We believe in the authority and inerrancy of Scripture
We believe in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity
We believe in the full deity, humanity and physical return of Christ
We believe in the spiritual lostness of the human race
We believe in the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ
We believe in salvation by faith alone in Christ alone
We believe in and support the propagation of the Gospel message