Oklahoma Bible Academy has one of the strongest high school academic programs in the state of Oklahoma.  Young people are equipped with the skills necessary to compete for college scholarships and entrance into the colleges, vocational schools, or occupations of their choice.

Over 95% of OBA graduates go on to higher education; therefore, the academic program is primarily college preparatory.  The foundation for academic success is established in middle school classes featuring a curriculum stressing the “basics.”  Textbooks are obtained from both Christian and non-Christian publishers.

OBA regularly has one of the highest ACT composite score averages in the state.  For the past five years, OBA students’ ACT composite scores have averaged 24.9, as compared to the national average of 21.9.

Advanced Placement Courses
Currently offering AP Language, AP Literature, AP Psychology, AP Studio Art Drawing, AP Studio 2D,  AP Biology and AP US History, OBA works cooperatively with the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics to offer AP Calculus and AP Physics.

Educational Needs Program
The Discovery Program provides guidance and therapy for students who have special educational needs that cannot be fully met through the regular classroom.  The program challenges each student to fully use his/her God-given abilities to become independent and successful in the regular classroom.

The OBA community meets Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:05 a.m. for a time of worship, teaching and praise.  Area pastors, youth leaders, the OBA faculty and personalities, and the students themselves, are invited to share during this time.





Community Service
Community service is required for all high school students and encouraged throughout the student body.  Mission trips within the United States as well as abroad give students perspective and the opportunity to serve.

OBA Profile 2017-18