Purpose, Mission & Values


Oklahoma Bible Academy is a middle and secondary school whose purpose is to integrate God’s Word into every aspect of life and learning in order to present a biblical worldview to each student, and equip them for God’s purpose for their life.


Oklahoma Bible Academy’s mission is to equip students to glorify God by engaging the world.


At Oklahoma Bible Academy …

Spiritual formation is the heart of what we do.

Dynamic learning is the foundation of what we do.

Committed community is the expression of what we do.

Intentional excellence is the motivation for how we do what we do.

OBA Expected Student Outcomes

Developed by the Education and Culture Committee and adopted by the OBA Board September 17, 2018.  Aligned with the mission, purpose and values of the institution.

1. Biblically Integrated Life

1.1       Value and trust scripture while being motivated by the gospel of Jesus Christ

1.2       Know, Defend, and Apply the Scriptural Truths according to Biblical Wisdom

1.3       Consistent Application of Biblical Ethics in all arenas of life: Social, Relational, Economic. Familial, Authority   

1.4       Faithful Servant Leader to local church and community

1.5       Foster a heart that looks to serve and love others above self and is inspired to do so because of Christ’s love for them.

2. Academically Equipped

2.1       Prepared to academically thrive wherever God leads.

2.2      Apply Critical and higher order thinking skills to discern Biblical Worldview truth and solutions.   

2.3      Ability to self-manage and  self-govern by planning and prioritizing assignments and tasks in a timely manner.

2.4       Develop Habits that foster a love of lifelong learning.

2.5       Identify Self and Societies as a part of God’s Global redemptive plan.  

3. Prepared to Engage the World

3.1       Using God given Skills, Passions and Resources for God’s Purposes.

3.2       Discern conflicts between cultural and biblical values, with an ability to articulate and contend for the faith.

3.3       Develop the ability to persevere through adversity to accomplish God’s prepared good work in His Kingdom

3.4       Pursuing Challenging Vocations as opportunities to problem solve, motivated by the joy of serving others.–