Welcome to OBA!

WELCOME to OBA, a faith-based school.

The Christian faith is a reasoning trust, a trust which reckons thoughtfully and confidently upon the trustworthiness of God.” John Stott

Instruction ends in the schoolroom, but education ends only with life.” F.W. Robertson

The word education is derived from the Latin word educere which means “to draw out”. Education was intended to nourish the soul and draw out the unique qualities of each person; the aim of education was wisdom.

Our role as a school is to educate students.  OBA is committed to offering a rigorous academic experience.  We challenge our students to work hard as they develop knowledge, skills, and critical thinking.  This is our professional privilege and responsibility as an academic institution.  However, scholastic preparation is not our whole story.  We embrace the opportunity to offer students a Christian education.

What makes OBA a Christian school?

We believe the answer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Christian school is founded on God’s message of redemption and purpose in His Son. All schools are in the business of teaching facts; at OBA we approach that task by teaching the Bible, the life of Christ, and the story of God at work in the world.

We hold that academic pursuits are best forged through character development and that it is Jesus Christ who holds the keys to authentic being.

We believe that prayer, faith, compassion, worship, and personal devotion fit hand in hand with all parts of scholarship. Only God can penetrate the depths of the soul and construct the heart. It is with humility and confidence that we seek to educate not only the mind and the will, but the heart of a student.

I believe Oklahoma Bible Academy is a wonderful place for students to receive an excellent education. This is a community with a strong heritage of faith; a place where we seek to impart Truth.

I invite you to come and see OBA first-hand and talk to the parents, students, and faculty who make up our school. Thank you for your interest, and may God bless you.

Andy Wilkins
OBA Headmaster