• God’s Family

    I am most grateful for my family.  God truly blessed me when He placed me with my family.  Being raised in a Christian home is an amazing gift!  I love being able to pray, worship, and read Scripture with my family.  We are all striving to follow God and are there to support each other in that.  Having two military parents is rough, but I would not have it any differently.  They are tough on me because they want me to be the best I can be.  They love me very much and have sacrificed so much for me.  My mom even sacrificed her military career to take care of me.  My dad sacrificed so much for his country, but even more for his family.  I have never had to question whether or not my parents love and care for me because they have proved it through their actions every single day of my life.  With being a military family comes a lot of moving.  Moving every couple of years has been good, though; it has really knitted us together.  My family is really closely bonded together, and I know we always will be.  I am even close with my little sister.  Although we argue and bicker all the time, I love her.  I have always felt very protective of her and especially protective when my dad was overseas.  I look out for her and love her like a second mother.  She is very precious to me, and I could not ask ask for a better sister.  I love my family very deeply and am so thankful God gave them to me.


  • Hero

    My father would tell me as a child to do all things with heart.  At the time, it didn’t come across my little mind that my father would go through the hardships of running a dry cleaning business much less seeing him go out in the mornings at 5:00am and arrive home at often 9:00pm or sometimes even much later.  He was doing this to support a family of four, and he would never willingly accept praise.  That is what motivates me through school.  In academics or in athletics my father wanted me to strive to excel in all aspects of life.  He encourages me by telling me not to suffer from a hard life all because I didn’t try my hardest.  Because of him, I managed to keep my grades high enough to transfer from a public school to a private school system in my junior high years.  This is why I trust him: he believes in me that I can keep a high standard in everything.  I trust him because he inspires me to push myself to my highest limits.


  • Ultimate

    I am most grateful for God’s sacrifice of His one and only Son.  The only reason that we have any hope in life is because of this sacrifice.  The Bible states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  No matter how hard we try not to sin, our efforts fail every time.  And it is because of that reason that we need a Savior who gives His life for us.  It is amazing how our Savior became human and suffered and died for a rebellious people that sometimes don’t want anything to do with Him!  This is why I am grateful for God’s sacrifice.


  • Inspiration

    The person in my life who motivates me the most is my mom.  She encourages me to achieve some thing I thought were impossible by helping to push me to do hard things such as arts and crafts projects that I work on.  Sometimes there are certain steps or even whole projects that I never thought I could finish, but she helped me by giving criticism or opinions when I needed it.  I trust her because most of the time she is right, and she allows me to look past the little things and see the whole picture.  Many of my art pieces or projects could not have been finished without her help and encouragement.


  • Unexpected Rewards

    Last year in baseball I was moved to catcher.  This was a shock considering it was only my second year of baseball and having played outfield my first year.,  Before I knew I would be catcher, I assumed I would play the same position:  right field…where the worst player plays.  One day Mr. Claborn asked me if I had ever played catcher, and I said no.  He told me to try it, and I have to admit I was a little scared because catchers catch the fastest throws with a bat swinging only a few inches from their face!

    I tried in a couple of practices and turned out to be pretty good at it, but not to the level I needed to be.  I struggled believing I would be able to play such an important position.  The team depended on that spot.  But yet I think Coach Claborn knew that I was young and inexperienced.  He had played catcher in high school, so he knew the tricks.  He helped me from the first practice to the last game, and I played catcher the entire season.  He not only helped me in the sport but helped me understand that it’s not about wins but about having fun with your time and making the memories that matter.  That season we went 12-2 all because of Coach Claborn and how he taught us to play and to have fun doing it.  I’m truly grateful for him providing us all, especially me, with an opportunity to feel and explore what it’s like to play games and have a season like that.  I appreciate deepening my view on how I live my life to every detail.


  • The Smallest Gift

    There are many things that God has blessed us with, and we deserve none of them.  Knowing this we should be thankful for everything.  However, this is not an easy concept sometimes.  We just take for granted all that God has given us instead of praising Him for it.  But we may have a favorite blessing that we’ve received. This is hard for me to decide on because there is the route where I am the “poster child” and say that going to OBA and being able to worship Christ freely is the greatest gift at this time in my life.  We are so very blessed to have those things, but that is not what I am most thankful for.  I am most thankful for such a small blessing that actually makes a huge impact on my life.

    Music.  I am no closet singer or musician.  For me, though, music is a great escape for anything in life.  It sometimes makes me feel free or scared or empowered.  Music is what I am most thankful for.

    What are you thankful for?


  • Family

    I am grateful for my parents.  My mom is very patient with me and my sisters; she is hard working at her job and concerning things around the house.  My dad is always there to cheer me up when I am mad or sad, even if its is at him!  Both of them go to work every day, and my mom even has another job on the side so that they can send us all to OBA.  They provide food and clothing for us, and so much that we do not even need simply because it makes us happy.  They take us on trips and let us have our friends over whenever we want.  My parents also let us have so many pets because we live on a farm.  Most importantly, though, is that they teach us about God every day and teach us good morals.  They help us with school work and friendships.  I could not ask for any better parents!


  • More Than Just a Sport

    In cross country we become really close to each other.  We are striving to make each other better.  It’s generally a good experience, and we work out any bumps along the way.  Coach Richards talks about how in life, we don’t run without a purpose.  We run for the greatest goal in life, to finish our race while showing God to others.  If we run for man, it’s like running a neverending race.  Cross country allows me to push myself, to know what my best is, and to improve on it.  It teaches perseverance, endurance, and teamwork.  Normally, you don’t think of cross country being a “team” sport.  However, throughout the season, we have all really gotten to know each other.  I think we have a good chance for State this year, and I hope as the years continue, the program will stay strong and keep our good team bonding with each other.  We go out to practice knowing we are going to be pushed, but no matter what, Coach Richards will always be there to encourage us or help us on our way, in school, or in life.


  • Teamwork

    In Cross Country we have several leaders who do different things as our role models for the team.  I am the leader who shows hard work while also having fun.  Another leader is Brock who shows integrity, perseverance, and dedication.  Then there is BZ.  He breaks the ice during practices and meets.  If we know there is a hard practice, he is always there to get our minds off of the stress.  With us as leaders, our team often wonders how we get anything done right (or well).  However, we surprise them every time!  We could not be this way without our amazing coach, Mr. Richards.  He has taught me that hard work isn’t something to be bragged about or flaunted.  He shows us the deeper meaning of everything, and somehow turns everything into a life lesson.  Without him, we would not be suitable leaders for our team.  We all have a part to play; it is our responsibility to find that part and live into it for the good of whatever team we are on!


  • Fly Fishing

    Fly fishing is my main passion that I do.  It really teaches me patience and reward.  The reward of fly fishing is much more than regular fishing because you have to have correct form to make your fly land in the right spot on a river or pond.  Also, if you tie your own flies and do everything great in casting, and you are at the right spot at the right time, your reward could be really huge.  It takes patience like putting in time cleaning your line and checking on your flies.  You must also be patient with yourself on the river or pond.  If you don’t catch anything, you change your style of fly or simply give up.  However, if I quit, I might miss out catching a fish on a different fly.  Fly fishing has helped me to be patient, persevere, and to try new and different things when I am not seeing the results I want.


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